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The core philosophy and goal of our law firm is to provide service to those who do not have a voice and need strong, courageous representation.Richard Frankowski

Ponzi Schemes are frauds perpetrated by a promoter who sells an investment that promises high yields, usually in a short period of time. By providing high initial returns, often in the form of fake statements, the promoter can entice further investment. The Frankowski Firm works with investors to uncover the depth of these schemes and bring the broker to justice. Contact Us now for a free case review.

Variable annuities are not a safe or appropriate investment for everyone as there is a substantial risk of tieing up your assets for years before the annuity reaches maturity. Failure to disclose the risks or inappropriately marketing an annuity may constitute fraud. Our lawyers are dedicated to standing up for the rights of individual consumers and families who have suffered substantial financial losses due to annuity fraud.

We represent consumers suffering substantial financial losses due to stock and investment broker fraud, misconduct, wrongdoing and other securities law violations. Brokers are bound by a fiduciary duty and responsibility to provide honest guidance, place the client’s interests in front of their own, disclose risks and fees, and to exercise due diligence in matching an investment strategy with the client’s needs.

Arbitration can be an effective alternative to filing a lawsuit against an individual broker or investment company accused of securities fraud, where a dispute is resolved by a panel of arbitrators rather than a judge and jury. The Frankowski Firm is a member of the Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association (PIABA).

America’s individual and institutional investors have suffered enormous financial losses in recent years due to misrepresentations, omissions and investment scams perpetrated by brokers and brokerage firms.